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Getting Prepared For an EMP Attack
10 days ago

It is overly hard to foretell when an electro-magnetic pulse attack will happen. Therefore, you need to be prepared ahead or in advance so as to survive the attack. As far as an EMP attack is concerned, it will kill all electronics with microchips and at the same time, kill electronics that doesn't have microchips but are connected to the grids. Therefore, you need to be future-focused and plan in advance by buying items that will be in use and effective after the EMP attack. This article will help you identify and understand some of the items that you must consider buying and stacking in advance prior to the attack.


To begin with, you need to consider having enough food for you and your loved ones. Food is integral and there is no way you will survive the attack for long without food. Therefore, ensure to capitalize on having canned food, dried food and even grains. These are foods with long shelf life and they will be sufficient for you for some months.


After the EMP attack, many people will start being violent especially those that failed to prepare in advance. Therefore, ensure to have some self-defense equipments. These are things like the rifles, shotguns and even handguns. Have the bullets that you need and these equipments will help dispense intruders and at the same time, will help you hunt animals for food.


Even though you are a billionaire, you will surely have a very hard time as there will be no way to withdraw your money or use credit or debit cards. Therefore, ensure to look for barter items that will help you with barter trade. These are items that people will require on a daily basis and you will stand advantaged where you have them stacked appropriately and safely. Find the best faraday bags or check out this faraday cage.


There is need for you to make plans on the lighting. There will be no electricity and you need to have lighting that's not affected by wind and even the EMP. The kerosene or paraffin lamps are the most ideal and they are the ones that you need to use. Therefore, endeavor to have enough kerosene for your lamps and at the same time enough match sticks for lighting fire or the lamp.


The last but not the least, there is need to make communication plans in advance. Cell phones will have no place and the best way to enhance communication is through using walkie-talkies and the CB radios. Therefore, make a plan of having the walkie-talkie ready and they should be protected from the EMP attack through using a faraday cage or a faraday bag. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.ehow.com/how_7365991_protect-against-emp-attacks.html.

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